Marine Electrical Services

On Board Vessel Services and Workshop Services

LK MARINE offers a full range of electrical services both on-board and in the workshop. These services range from fault finding to the repair and overhaul of power generation equipment and the related control systems.

Marine Electrical Services and Products

  • On board rewinding service
  • Alternator repairs and servicing
  • Cleaning of windings
  • Motor fault finding
  • Generator repairs and maintenance
  • Full electrical system support
  • UPS / battery system support and maintenance
  • Power distribution maintenance
  • Transformer maintenance
  • HV/LV testing
  • Lighting system maintenance and installation
  • HV continuous monitoring systems
  • Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) repair/restoration and replacement
  • Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) and excitation system repair/restoration and replacement
  • AC Synchronous/Asynchronous Motor repair/restoration and replacement
  • DC Motor repair/restoration and replacement
  • Slip Ring Motor repair/restoration and replacement
  • Electrical spare parts
  • Consultancy (remote)

Marine Testing Services

  • Vibration analysis
  • Dielectric loss analysis

Marine Electrical Services – Workshop

  • Affiliated with two of the most reputable motor repair shops in South Florida
  • Both repair shops are fully equipped and have experienced and well qualified staffing
  • LK Marine provides direct supervision and quality assurance for all tasks